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How Do You Breed Hungarian Vizsla Stud Dogs effectively? Tips for First-Time Customers

Dog breeding can be profitable if done correctly. The Hungarian Vizslas is a popular choice among the different varieties of dogs. It is a family-oriented dog with high loyalty, affectionate nature, and energy. Along with positive attributes and expressive eyes, Vizsla has a high level of intelligence and can be trained as per the dog owner’s needs. That’s why they are one of the most desired choices for breeding.

However, if you’re looking for Hungarian Vizsla stud dogs for breeding purposes, keep a few things in mind. This will help you make dog breeding profitable and enjoyable.

hungarian vizsla stud dog

How do you breed a Hungarian Vizsla stud dog?

Conducting medical examination

First, you should check the vitals and health conditions of the Vizsla whom you’ve chosen for the breeding process. Make sure you also consult with the vet and ask the owner about pre-medical conditions to avoid a negative result in the coming days. External examination is also essential. Check for injuries or any other unnatural development that might have occurred.

Choose the right partner

The next step entails choosing the right partner for the breeding process. Make sure you check the mental, emotional and behavioural characteristics of both male and female dogs to ensure that the result is fruitful when they breed. It would be best if you also looked into the hereditary traits of both dogs to rule out any future problems that might occur.

Check birthing issues

Dog dystocia is a birthing problem which is common among female Vizslas. In this case, if the puppy is large and the same is pushed out of the birth canal, the mother might struggle. Hence, a vet should be present throughout the birthing process to make the process smooth. Sometimes, in extreme cases, a c-section might be required as well.

Enquire about the size of the litter

On average, a Vizsla can give birth to around seven pups; however, there is no guarantee on the number. So, if you have a number in mind, check the female Vizsla’s lineage before starting the breeding process. This will give you a fair idea of the average number of pups the Vizsla female dog can produce.

If you’re searching for Hungarian Vizsla stud dogs for breeding purposes, contact Vizsla Stud. We have Lenny and a KC registered with a lineage with over five pups. Book now and start your breeding season.