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Meet Lenny


Meet Lenny

Lenny the Vizsla

Meet Lenny the Vizsla

Best example of a Vizsla stud to breed with your beloved dog.

Vizsla dogs are known for their athleticism, intelligence, and loyalty, and Lenny is no exception. He exhibits all of these traits to an exceptional degree, making him an excellent choice to stud with another vizsla bitch.

His physical abilities, such as his speed and agility, are top-notch, which would make him an ideal sire for producing strong, healthy puppies. Additionally, Lenny’s intelligence and trainability make him easy to work with, and his affectionate and loyal nature we believe would ensure that he would make a loving and attentive father to his offspring. Overall, Lenny’s combination of physical prowess, intelligence, and loyalty make him a standout candidate for breeding with another vizsla bitch.

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Click on each play button to see Lenny in action. Our boy really is an all rounder. Great with other dogs, live stock adults and children,  easy to train with a great personality. He’s happy lazing about at home or going on one of his long daily adventures in the Sussex countryside.

 If your bitch is of similar personality, temperament and intelligence then just imagine the litter!  Lenny is KC Registered with his lineage traceable to over 5 Vizsla Pedigree generations.

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Lenny the Vizsla Stud


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Lenny Vizsla

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